Swap BanKitt to Bankitz

BanKitz(BKZ) is forked from BanKitt(BKT), but it 's on a new blockchain with LYRA2Z hashing algorithm. However, BKZ and BKT can use the same wallet address together. For old BKT users, if you have BKT coin and you want to swap to BKZ, please follow these steps:

  1. Migrate your old BKT address to BKZ wallet.
    We will discontinue support old BanKitt(BKT) at blocks 276000. The BKT transactions after block 276000 will be abandon from swapping.
    • Step 1: Dump a BKT wallet
      Go to your BanKitt(BKT) Debug Console and type the command.
      walletpassphrase "your wallet password" 120
      dumpwallet "bankitt.wallet"
    • Step 2: Import "bankitt.wallet" to the new BanKitz
      Go to your BanKitz(BKZ) Debug Console and type the command.
      importwallet "path to file bankitt.wallet"
  2. Register your BKT address to swap system.
    • Step 1: List all BKT address
      Go to your BanKitt(BKT) Debug Console and type the command.
    • Step 2: Add your BKT address to swap system
      You will see list of your BKT address from output of step 1, then copy the output and paste to the swap system.
      Click Here to Register BKT address
      Register BKT addresses for Swapping will be ended on 1 November,2018.

Please Note, the swap process will start at BanKitz BKZ blocks 10,0000 every 2 days.
1 BKZ per 10 BKT will automatic deposit to all registered addresses.
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Please Note:

We will process swap only the addresses that has more than 10 BKT. These balances will be updated at blocks #276000, and any BKT transactions after block 27,6000 will be abandoned from swapping.

BanKitz Swapping ended.